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The Next Evolution of Influencer Marketing.

Influencer Marketing is dying. Paying top dollar for media to be shared to an audience who may buy your product may be an effective branding initiative, but for the majority of brands it is not a smart way to spend the budget they have. Combined with inflated numbers of “interactions” with bots, fake followers, and people just trying to grow their own accounts, there needed to be a better way to tap into the influencer channel, while providing the results companies are looking for.

We designed our Platform to provide our clients a smarter way to invest their influencer marketing dollars.

AI - Powered Tech

Oasis combines a great deal of marketing experience, with the most cutting edge marketing tools available to evaluate the data from campaigns and leverage them further for other efforts. 

Using Artificial Intelligence, we are able to make data-driven decisions and track the full impact of your campaign. We quantify the value of each post, from earned media value, to sales conversions, to the impact of the content on your marketing funnel. Our AI analyzes millions of influencer posts to not only select the perfect influencers for each campaign, but maximize their efforts by analyzing ROI and adjusting real time.

Better Analytics

Stop wondering if your Influencer are showing ROI. We track Everything from Conversions to Social Presence Growth.

Intelligent Technology

By using the most cutting edge AI-powered tech, bringing down costs and increasing performance.

ROI Focused

By Leveraging Influencers as Both Media Creators and Performance Based Affiliates, We Incentivize Sales to Increase Revenue.

Compare: Cost Per Click

We are able to keep your Cost Per Click (CPC) Down Over 70% compared to the published industry standard benchmarks on other platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Google Display and Search Networks.

We are able to do this by targeting a larger audience for far less than what would be required on on other networks.

Compare: Conversion Rates

By natively advertising to highly targeted audiences, we are able to increase average Conversion Rates (CVR) by 50% compared to Industry Averages for social networks like Facebook and Instagram and over 70% when compared to Google Display and Search Networks.

Compare: Cost Per Acquisition

We dramatically decrease Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) when compared to Facebook, Instagram and Google Display and Search Networks. 

On average, we are able to acquire customers for 76% less than Google, and 36% than the Industry Average Benchmarks for Facebook and Instagram Campaigns.


Two Ways to Structure Your Campaign.

Performance Based

$20 Per Influencer

  • Performance Based, Influencer Incentivised with Commission on Sales
  • No Upfront Payment to Influencer other than Product, Ensuring ROI.
  • All Social and Web Interactions Tracked with Unique Links or Discount Codes
  • You will recieve 2-5 Pieces of Content, and over 1000 engagements per Influencer


20% of Monthly Budget

  • Influencer Paid Flat Fee, Negotiated and Managed By Our Team
  • Influencers Hand Selected by Team After Verifying Audience Data
  • Generally Brings Higher Level Content and Larger Audience Numbers
  • You will receive 4-10 Pieces of Content and over 2500 Engagements per Influencer

Frequently asked questions

The Scope of Work is Nearly Identical with Any Client:

  1. We begin by outlining a deep analysis of your customer avatar, or your average client. What they buy, where they buy, how they buy, what they listen to.
  2. We then Find and Qualify Influencers that not only Match your Brand, but will also bring Quality Traffic and Media to your Company.
  3. We Invite and Negotiate Terms with each Influencer Manually to bring the Most Value to your Brand, and Contract Them on Minimum Content Requirements, as well as Additional Media and Channels we can tap into.
  4. We Collect and Verify All Shipping Information, then Integrate this into your Existing Fulfillment Channels.
  5. Advise, Monitor, and Collect All Media Being Created and Shared by Influencers. We will make sure your influencers create meaningful and repurposable content that can be utilized throughout the lifetime of the brand and Implement processes to allow your team to repurpose the media earned from the campaign via Google Drive, or an equivalent tool
  6. Oversee and Manage All Content Being Created and Shared by Influencers. Working with affiliates, we will make sure that the content is not only approved and allowed, but that the affiliates are given tools for success.
  7. Collect all Sales Data and Process Payroll to Influencers
  8. Analyze the Data and Optimize Campaign Consistently Throughout the Process.

Timeline Expectations:

  1. Depending on the scope of the project, it takes between 14-30 Days to build out your campaign and to set everything up. From there, we begin vetting out and building a list of potential influencers.
  2. We research each one, and invite them to the campaign. Then we negotiate terms and get a contract executed.
  3. Your brand will start seeing the media and traffic come in within the first 30 days.
  4. Each month we will supply new affiliates to keep that number of active affiliates at your target amount at all times, unless you decide to scale!


While working with Influencers and Affiliates, you have effectively hired dozens of new digital media creators. More importantly, when influencers speak to their audiences, they tend to listen. All of these media assets become yours as soon as they are created, saving your brand a tremendous amount on media creation, and increasing overall ROI exponentially.


Studies have shown that ads featuring User Generated Content (UGC) have up to 4X higher click-through-rates and a 50% drop in cost-per-click than average ads. AdWeek recently reported that 85% of users surveyed find visual UGC more influential than brand photos or videos.

Unsurprisingly this is our most frequent question, and the hardest to answer. Short answer? Yes, if you have a good product, a decent website, and good social visibility or reviews. However, if you are a new brand, and have no exposure, a budget may not convert into solid ROI from revenue until you’ve laid a proper foundation. 

However, building that foundation can be incredibly expensive from a media, social media, SEO, web development, and advertising standpoint. Influencers are a great way to build it organically, and affordably. Therefor your ROI might involve a few channels and save you thousands of dollars a month while generating some sales.

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